Heeyooo! You have reached the personal blog of Andy Piazza. TURN BACK NOW! I am the Chief Evangelist of phia, LLC and a Cyber Threat Analyst supporting clients throughout the National Capital Region and beyond. I wear a few other hats for the company, but that’s not why you’re here. (See disclaimer footnote about views being my own)

I decided to take on the challenge of writing about professional matters a few years ago on LinkedIn. Since then, I have seen a decline in written article sharing on LinkedIn in favor of video content. That fact, coupled with feedback that navigating to LI articles can be a pain, I decided to launch my articles over here on Medium. So here we are.

Current articles are grouped in what I would call series (not the way Medium uses “Series” unfortunately).

1| A Look at Threat Analysis Best Practices

2 | Building Awesome Teams

3 | Career Stuff n Things

I really just plan to write down some of the great things I have seen in my career so that I can remember stuff down the road and hopefully share with others in case it benefits their teams. Some of the things I write about are literally spurred from my soapbox moments (okay, I get a bit ranty!) and others are initiated by someone asking me an opinion on something via email or social media. In those cases, I usually knock out a quick response laying out my thoughts, then those ideas burn a hole in my brain until I explore them a bit more by writing them out in Evernote. Eventually, I clean up those ramblings and call them an article. Anyway, if you ever have thoughts or feedback on my musings, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn or Twitter. Happy to discuss.


I have a Master’s in Intelligence Studies from American Military University, and I am currently enrolled in the SANS Master of Science in Information Security Engineering (MSISE). I highly recommend the program to anyone that wants to get a Master’s and technical experience at the same time. Here’s an article I wrote about SANS courses and prepping for GIAC tests:

I also wrote two papers that are published by SANS.

Previous Articles from LinkedIn

(Note I may update and adapt these articles on Medium, so stay tuned!)



Media Coverage

I had the amazing opportunity to discuss my SANS research paper on the SANS ISC podcast.

I once Tweeted out that I received a breach memo from DISA. I tried to make a joke about having to “catch them all”, but that sorta backfired… apparently my Tweet was one of the first public glimpses of the breach and it was picked up by way too many news sites. And to be clear, this is the first memo I can remember getting from DISA. The “catch them all” reference was a joke about getting the OPM, Equifax, and other major breach notification letters.

I am quoted in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (okay it has nothing to do with my professional life, but its still pretty awesome and funny).

Volunteer Work

I am the Director of Operations for BSidesNoVA, so if you see me around the event, please stop my frantic running around and say “hi”. I always move fast during the event, its okay to stop me, most of the time.

I also volunteer at an amazing program for teens called The Landing. If you have teenagers in Northern Virginia, I recommend you check us out at

Social Media


My affiliation with phia LLC is provided for identification purposes only and is not intended to convey or imply my company leadership’s concurrence with, or support for any opinions or viewpoints expressed by any of my articles. The thoughts and ramblings of these articles are purely my own.

I enjoy writing, mentoring, and sharing knowledge. Read my full bio in my whoami article https://medium.com/@andy.c.piazza/whoami-a5410956fffb